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Design Home to Home

We are experiencing a really complicated historical moment, in which the world seems to have stopped, the rhythms of our daily life have definitely slowed down, the priorities have definitely changed and some values, which we thought were lost, are no longer so superfluous.

Like living at home as a happy refuge, a safe place where we can feel protected and free to be with our family, with the people we love or simply with ourselves, taking care with love and with those little attentions that we took for granted, while the hustle and bustle of each day distracted us.

And it is the importance of these small attentions that motivates us even today to work for you, in full respect of the current situation and the rules imposed: together, with love and intelligence, we will do it.

We operate in smart working: surely we will be a little slower in answering your questions and in promptly satisfying requests, but we are ready to give you new offers and new services designed to satisfy your every need, and also take away some small whims.

During these long days, you can spend time choosing the furniture and we have thought about your desire for style and design for the various rooms of the house, offering you a 15% discount on the next order you make. So you can give free rein to creativity!

But that’s not all! In addition to the new discount dedicated to your purchases, we have studied an online consultancy system with our interior designers and architects directly at home, to support you in your renovation project through Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp (+39 349 3781032). An alternative solution to stay connected and satisfy every need.

The goal is to always be available to our customers with the hope of seeing us all as soon as possible.




Within this section we will keep you informed of the latest updates relating to the Covid-19 emergency and the measures taken to manage your orders and our shipments, in full compliance with the rules for not contributing to the spread of the virus and implementing all the safety and prevention rules to protect the health of our customers, employees and collaborators.

We are working to ensure the best possible service and we would like to report some useful information below:

  • - The production of Italian suppliers is suspended until April 13, with the consequent delay of about four weeks for orders and shipments
  •  - The order management continues regularly, but with the delay in production / shipping times of about four weeks.
  • - Shipments of goods ready for delivery from our logistics centers will resume regularly from April 13th. For products not indicated "ready for delivery", in addition to the average availability times, it is necessary to take into account the four weeks of delay for the correct waiting times.
  • - Our Customer Service operates in smart working to be able to answer all your requests. Similarly, online chat is active on our site.
  • - Our showroom will remain closed to the public until April 13, while the customer service, the e-commerce section and the consulting and design service via Skype remain active. You can make an appointment at the web address

Customer service can be reached directly from the active chat on our website, by email at and by phone or whatsapp at the following number +39 349 3781032