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Linda stool Bontempi

Linda stool Bontempi

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Design: Daniele Molteni

Linda by Bontempi is part of the great family of chairs and stools. It' s available in high or low version.

The steel frame is completely covered in stitched leather in various colors and lightly padded with

polyurethane for added comfort. there's a choice of stitching in the same color or in contrast with the

color of the seat.

Structure finishing:

Ivory (matching stitching - black stitching)
White (matching stitching)
Sand (matching seams)
Mud (matching seams - ecru stitching)
Dark brown (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Chocolate (matching stitching - black stitching)
Red (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Bulgarian (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Bordeaux (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Grenade (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Light gray (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Powder blue (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Anthracite (matching stitching)
Black (matching stitching - ecru stitching)
Indigo blue (matching stitching - ecru stitching)

Leather fiber with matching stitching:

White leather fiber

Sand leather fiber

Black leather fiber

Anthracite leather fiber

Dark brown leather fiber

Leather fiber with contrast stitching:

Ivory leather fiber

Dark brown leather fiber

Red leather fiber


44 x 50 x h 96 cm Linda high  stool

43 x 48 x h 86 cm Linda low stool

Price starting at € 351,00 € 390,00