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Bjorn Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Bjorn Cattelan Italia

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Design: Studio 28
Bjorn is a great complement furnishing the rest place with charm and personality. Its lines are sweet and soft with perfect proportions both in the simple versions and matrimonial. Bjorn is a bed totally padded and lined and is available also with containing box.
Covered finishing:
Ecological leather
Soft leather
116 x 226 x h 115 cm (mattress size 90x200)
146 x 226 x h 126 cm (mattress size 120x200)
181 x 226 x h 136 cm (mattress size 153x200)
188 x 226 x h 140 cm (mattress size 160x200)
208 x 226 x h 146 cm (mattress size 180x200)
228 x 226 x h 150 cm (mattress size 200x200)
208 x 239 x h 146 cm (mattress size 180x213)
221 x 229 x h 150 cm (mattress size 193x213)

Price starting at € 2.424,00 € 2.694,00