Cattelan Italia

Billy Cattelan Italia

Billy Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Billy Cattelan Italia

Design: Studio Kronos (2014)

Here is a series of complements that thanks to their size and height can fit everywhere according to needs. They are a small tables, slim and elegant. In Billy wood and Billy the minimal accurate design combines steel with oak or with very thin crystal. The same base, but slender, can change into a perfect consolle. These pieces fit perfectly any style of room.

Structure finishing:

Black lacquered embossed steel

Brushed Bronze painted steel

Chromed steel

Top finishing:

Bumed oak

Walnut Canaletto 
Natural oak

Colored glass

Mirrored glass

Marble Ceramic 


Ø 60 x h 28 cm

Ø 60 x h 38 cm

Ø 60 x h 48 cm

Ø 100 x h 28 cm


Price starting at € 334,00 € 397,00