Liberty Myyour

Liberty Myyour

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Design: Moredesign

A fresh and lively design for a series of stools and tables whose technical concepts are so innovating, mainly as for its functional features and capacity to perfectly furnish any space. Perfectly removable, separately or in combination (stool+table), they allow to cut storage, transportation space, even when no longer used, while offering a consisting design appeal, when stacked too. The dual latest molding technology provides for a very nice double color, highly resistant when being painted too. The wide hotels in the stools, aesthetically nice to see, are ergonomically useful as footrests, to provide for the ideal seat to people of different heights. And what is more they are made in Polyeasy, the material exclusively used my Myyour, providing for consistent wash-ability and wear-proof performances. A lighting RGB is type of LED RGB lighting and it is charged by induction lithium electric (the induction charger and remote controller are included).

Stools are stackable up to a maximum of six-ten pieces.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed


ø 33 x h 45 cm Liberty S

ø 41 x h 64 cm Liberty M

ø 42.5 x h 74 cm Liberty L

Price starting at € 158,00 € 187,00