Smith Drive Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Smith Drive Cattelan Italia

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Design: Alberto Danese

The Smith Drive table is an example of what’s beautiful and thoroughly curated. Smith Drive is simplicity, it’s artistic avanguard, it’s style and elegance aplenty. Smith Drive is a fixed rectangular table signed by Cattelan.

Structure finishing:

Aluminum painted matt white 
Aluminum painted matt black
Aluminum painted matt graphite

Finish leg insert:

Walnut Canaletto

Oak stained black matte

Top finishes:

Crystal extra white acid etched white
Crystal extra-white acid etched black

Crystal extra-white acid etched graphite

Crystal extra-white acid etched Magma glass  lead gray

Finish of extensions:

MDF Laminated matching


140/210 x 78 x h 75 cm

158/228 x 90 x h 75 cm



Price starting at € 2.089,00 € 2.321,00