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Degree Kristalia

Degree Kristalia

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Design: Patrick Norguet

The Degree takes multifunctional home furniture to a new level. This innovative and eye-catching piece of furniture raises as many questions as it answers.

What exactly is it? Is it a stylish and modern bedside table? Is it a unique work of art? Or is it a handy storage container designed to make the most our of any living space? Well, it’s all of those things and more.

Patrick Norguet’s visually impressive bedside table is part of the Kristalia Collection, and it’s unusual design is perhaps its most striking feature. Reminiscent of a graduate’s top hat, this functional piece of bedroom furniture doubles up as a handy storage space.

This stunning item of furniture has been produced with polypropylene, and it is available in black or white. There is also a cork-covered version that will add a unique design aesthetic to any bedroom. Is also a perfect supporting surface for outdoor use.

Such is the unusual style and originality of these pieces by Patrick Norgeut, they were recently featured in a high-profile art project, inspired by four world-renowned photographers.

Base finish:

White polypropylene

Black polypropylene

Black polypropylene coated cork

Hat finishing:

White polypropylene

Black polypropylene

Cap finish:



Ø 32 x H 41 cm base with hat

Ø 32 x H 37 cm base with cap

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