Tridente Poliform

Tridente Poliform

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Design: Emmanuel Gallina (2007)

The goal of this series of coffee tables is to extol the wood with a modern shape and a traditional workmanship. This coffee table has tops and heights of different dimensions so that they can meet the different needs. The particular shape of the T structure comes from the function of insertion in the corner of a sofa. These coffee tables can live alone but can create as well a pleasant atmosphere when used together

Structure finishing:

Oak spessart
Black elm

Top finishing

Oak spessart

Black elm

Marble bianco Carrara 

Marble Petit granit 

Marble Emperador 

Marble grigio Stardust 

Marble Calacatta oro 

Marble Saint Laurent



46.5 x 38.5 x h 29 cm
54 x 43.5 x h 48.5 cm
70.5 x 58 x h 42.5 cm
156 x 92 x h 33.5 cm

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