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Kira Talenti

Kira Talenti

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Design: Studio Talenti

Furnishing your garden or terrace with the outdoor sofa 'Kira' equals choosing high-quality style, elegance and comfort. Essential lines and fine materials meet every need, space or time. The 'Kira' sofa: Talenti's signature and guarantee, the world-renowned 'Made in Italy'.

Complete series: Sofa - Coffee table - Armchair

Structure finishing:

Grey lacquered steel

Belts finish:

Padded belts

Seat finishing:

White fabric

Pillows finish:

white fabric and grey fabric

Top finish:

Matt tempered silk-screened glass top in grey colour


277 x 90 x h 62 cm Sofa

196 x 90 x h 62 cm Sofa

115 x 90 x h 62 cm Armchair 

110 x 80 x h 30 cm Coffee table

Price starting at € 397,00 € 545,00