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Charlotte Fiam

Charlotte Fiam

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Design: Prospero Rasulo

Bent glass as only the Fiam team can do, is “Charlotte” the elegant small table of their precious collection. “Charlotte” is particular, sweet in its line, original as never before, is a unique piece of a bent glass. “Charlotte” the Made in Italy


Structure finishing:

Vetro trasparente

Transparent  extra light glass

Extralight back-lacquered glass

Extralight acid-etched glass

Extralight acid-etched back-lacquered glass

Smoked glass

Bronze glass

Finish the support surface:

Etched glass


100 x 60 x h 40 cm (82.5 x 59 x h 2.5 support plane)

120 x 60 x h 40 cm (102.5 x 59 x h 3.5 cm support plane)

130 x 68 x h 40 cm (112.5 x 67 x h 4 cm  support plane)


Price starting at € 194,00 € 200,00