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Stellar Wood LestroCasa Firenze
LestroCasa Firenze

Stellar Wood LestroCasa Firenze

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Design: Lestrocasa Firenze

Steel for its base: Stellar is a fix or extendable table, with base in wood with rectangular shape, its design is modern and very particular. Stellar, decors with a young and dynamic taste, Stellar is a winning idea in the collection Lestrocasa Firenze

Table top with thickness  40 mm


Base finishing:

Polished stainless steel

Satin steel

Painted iron

Top finishes:



100 x 200 x h 75 cm

100 x 220 x h 75 cm

110 x 240 x h 75 cm

110 x 260 x h 75 cm

120 x 300 x h 75 cm

120 x 320 x h 75 cm


Price starting at € 1.955,00 € 2.794,00