Filly Bonaldo

Filly Bonaldo

Filly Bonaldo

Design: Bartoli Design

Filly, a family of five seats that are entirely upholstered with removable covers, is the result of formal technical research carried out with a view to developing a broad-ranging product, in which comfort, functionality and styling are complementary attributes. Shapes and dimensions vary in order to satisfy every requirement, not least of which is the need to combine different versions in the same setting: Filly is the chair with traditional measurements; Filly up has a higher back to improve comfort; Filly large has a wider back, for those who have more space available; Miss Filly has armrests; Filly too is the stool. All the Filly models can be completely covered in leather, skay or fabric, painted or chromed steel.

Legs finish:

Matt White

Matte gray anthracite

Matte taupe

Arctic blue matte

Brick mat

Bordeaux opaque

Racing green opaque

Coffee matte brown


Black nickel

Upholstered finish:

Ecological leather




44 x 55 x h 82 cm Filly

44 x 58 x h 90 cm Filly Up

50 x 55 x h 82 cm Filly Large

50 x 55 x h 90 cm Filly Large up

57 x 55 x h 82 cm Miss Filly

57 x 55 x h 90 cm Miss Filly up

Price starting at € 344,00 € 405,00

The reviews of our customers

Review 25 November 2017

I highly recommend this Italian furniture store, we purchased tables, chairs and a mirror via their website from the UK with significant input and customer support provided by Filip (Sales Assistant).   His English was excellent which made the whole process a lot less stressful.  We are delighted with the quality of the products.


Nikki B.

Maidenhead, England