Note sideboard Bonaldo

Note sideboard Bonaldo

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Design: Mario Mazzer

Simple geometric shapes for the Note sideboard designed by Mario Mazzer, which looks like a parallelepiped suspended in mid-air and supported by two slanted vertical beams, which are the distinguishing feature of the Note bookcase already conceived by the same designer for Bonaldo. These two beams emphasise the particular appeal of this product, which aims at being simple yet maintaining a strong and original personality.

Beams and structure finish:

Combination 1: structure and boards matt white 
Combination 2: Canaletto walnut veneered wood frame; matt brown boards
Combination 3: veneered oak wood heat-treated; matt brown boards

Maximum capacity:

Kg 15 per shelf


180 x 52.5 x h 82 cm with 3 doors
180 x 52.5 x H 82 cm 2 doors, 1 drawer, 1 flap door
220 x 52.5 x h 82 cm 4 doors

Price starting at € 2.735,00 € 3.218,00