Lily Myyour

Lily Myyour

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Design: Morerdesign

It has been designed for those who wish to embellish their outdoor home spaces with an innovative touch of convenience and comfort. The Lily collection reinvents the values of hospitality with its elegant chairs, large armchairs, sofas for three people and conveniently low table. It is the ideal way to decorate the relaxing areas of the home. It also has comfortable pillows that are made with a soft rubber and that are covered with an easily removable fabric. The Lily line is made with embossed and printed polyethylene or whit a glossy paint; it offers light chairs, armchairs and sofas. Rainwater can be eliminated through the holes that are found between the back and the seat of the chair, whereas the armchair and sofa have a lateral system to evacuate water. The Lily chair can be combined to the Joe or Teddy tables.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered


63 x 69 x h 46/91 cm Lily chair

85 x 81 x 50/90 cm Lyly armchair

179 x 86 x 37/91 cm LiLy sofa

Price starting at € 236,00 € 278,00