Crazy Head Myyour

Crazy Head Myyour

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Design: CrousCalogero

Crazy Head is an absolute novelty. The Crazy Head helmet is destined to become an indispensable item in the homes of motorcycle, scooter and bicycle fans. Myyour proposes this element as an unusual and fun decoration. It turns its functionality into a multifunctional item thanks to the comfortable empty pockets' compartment and to its practical clothes hanger. It is available in all of our color selections and can be used as an innovative and casual hat rack. Myyour supplies the Crazy Head helmet with a plate that can be screwed to the wall.

Structure finishing:

Embossed printed

Glossy lacquered


15.8 x 26 x h 26 cm Crazy Head

7.4 x 13 x h 16.7 cm Crazy Head Mini

Price starting at € 60,00 € 71,00