Essenze di Luce

Tonki di Luce - Essenze di luce

Tonki di Luce - Essenze di luce
Essenze di Luce

Tonki di Luce - Essenze di luce

A weathered object, to integrate in your daily life.


Our products are realized with diversely shaped trunks, accurately chosen along torrents and rivers.

We add led components and materials such as natural resin, aluminum and iron.

TronKi: unique, exclusively hand made products. We choose our trunks accurately, clean and mill them up and eventually we put the lights in place. The base is specifically meant to give stable support, so that the trunk stands vertically. TronKi is available in two versions, differing for the finishing touch of the wood.

The available models are:

-Natural: finite product processed with natural wax only.

-White Touch: finite product processed with white satin color.

Both model can be realized in three different colors on request: Warm White, Natural White e Rgb.


On demand

Please notice that every item is unique and exclusive so each article of the same line presents some differences.


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