Kaos Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Kaos Cattelan Italia

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Design: Alessio Bassan (2014)

Cattelan Italia with Kaos enriches the sector of small tables with a new exclusive group of furniture complements. Sweet and clean, with a design of the top really special, this small table occupies with importance it's space: superior quality of materials, all details accurately studied, Kaos is a complement full of character and personality.

Structure finishing:

Steel white embossed lacquered

Steel graphite embossed lacquered

Top finishing:



ø 36 x h 43 cm

ø 36 x h 49 cm

ø 36 x h 55 cm

36 x 36 x h 43 cm

36 x 36 x h 49 cm

36 x 36 x h 55 cm

40 x 40 x h 43 cm

40 x 40 x h 49 cm

40 x 40 x h 55 cm

150 x 55 x h 37 oval

Price starting at € 376,00 € 418,00