William Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

William Cattelan Italia

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Design: Kronos Studio
The design is modern for the matrimonial bed William. The important bedhead with squared detail is outstanding regarding the bed swivel mechanism. William is fully lined, its several nuances of fabrics, leathes or ecological leathers make it adaptable valuing any room. It is a prestige bed, it is wanted, loved and appreciated.
It is optional with the liftable bedspring with containing box.
Covered finishing:
Ecological leather
Soft leather
166 x 215 x h 135 cm (mattress size 153x200)
173 x 215 x h 135 cm (mattress size 160x200)
193 x 215 x h 140 cm (mattress size 180x200)
213 x 215 x h 145 cm (mattress size 200x200)
193 x 228 x h 140 cm (mattress size 180x213)

206 x 218 x h 140 cm (mattress size 193x203)


Price starting at € 3.068,00 € 3.409,00 (-10%)