Miss Petra Myyour

Miss Petra Myyour

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Design: Moredesign

Miss Petra is eccentric, taut as a bow and as enveloping as a warm embrace. Miss Petra lives its own life in the midst of space. This elegant and dynamic chair has been made with a series of empty spaces, which have been created here and there as to give the impression of being suspended in air. It seems as if it has been deliberately designed to add a touch of unique charm to the simple act of sitting. It is sophisticated, unusual and extremely comfortable. It is an ideal choice for waiting areas or relaxing spaces      and even to customize any indoor or outdoor decorative solution with a touch of creative flair. Miss Petra is made from a rich palette of colors and comes in three different versions: embossed print, glossy paint or faux leather upholstery for outdoors. Even thought it can be perceived as being subtle and ethereal, its structure is 5 to 6 millimeters thick and confusion of ribs, which has been designed to enhance its elasticity and resistance, below the large sitting area. The model in leather it isn't waterproof so we suggest to keep it away by rain.

Structure finishing:

Embossed moulded

Glossy lacquered




74 x 60 x h 43/81 cm

Price starting at € 469,00 € 552,00