200 x 100 cm

220 x 100 cm

220 x 100 cm with oblong top

220 x 110 cm with oval top

240 x 115 cm with shaped top

160 x 50 x h 75 cm Consolle

180 x 50 x h 75 cm Consolle

200 x 50 x h 75 cm Consolle

250 x 50 x h 75 cm Consolle

Viola d'amore Cattelan Italia - Tables

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Viola d'amore Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Viola d'amore Cattelan Italia

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Design: Piero De Longhi

The table Viola d’Amore  is made of hard marble. It is characterised for its gentle and delicate lines. Thanks to the beauty of the precious material used for Viola d’amore, the elegance’s search is surely a surplus value, All the lovers for the classical and contemporary style are attracted by this table. There is no banality, no conventionality. Everything had been projected for rendering the table versatile in any circumstances.

Viola d’amore is a rectangular fixed table, oval or shaped.

Base finishing:

White Carrara marble

Cylinder finishing:


White Carrara marble

Black Marquina marble

Top finishing:

Transparent glass


200 x 100 x h 75 cm

220 x 100 x h 75 cm

220 x 100 x h 75 cm oblong

220 x 110 x h 75 cm oval

240 x 115 x h 75 cm shaped 

Price starting at € 4.720,00 € 5.245,00

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