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Twice Bonaldo

Twice Bonaldo

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Design: Mauro Lipparini

Impressive family of fixed or extensible tables. Frame: aluminium. Legs: veneered wood or lacquered. Top: glass (thickness: 12 mm), veneered wood or lacquered (thickness: 25 mm).

The legs pull out to the side so that they are always at the ends and do not hinder seating. The notable extension leaf in veneered wood or lacquered (length: 70 cm) makes it easy to extend the top and still maintain superb stability and sturdiness.

Let us summarise the fundamental qualities of the perfect dining table: large, spacious, table tops in different materials, colours, dimensions and finishings to choose from, legs that leave enough space to seat many guests. It should also be beautiful and, above all, without a tablecloth. Twice is clearly playing its cards right.

Advised the chair: Tip Toe, Alanda, Skip, Ballerina

Legs finish:

Veneered wood:

Canaletto walnut

Heat-treated polished oak


Mat white

Glossy white(extension mat white)


Top finish:


Acid treated black glass

Extra-light glass

Acid treated white

Veneered wood:



Heat-treated polished oak



165 x 90 x h 76 cm Twice fixed

180 x 90 x h 76 cm Twice fixed

220 x 100 x h 76 cm Twice fixed

165/235 x 90 x h 76 cm Twice extensible

180/250 x 90 x h 76 cm Twice extensible

220/290 x 100 x h 76 cm Twice extensible

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Twice Bonaldo
Price starting at € 1.815,00