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Mass Table Bonaldo

Mass Table Bonaldo

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Design: Alain Gilles

Mass Table, the table designed by Alain Gilles to celebrate Bonaldo's eightieth anniversary, marks a break with the traditional archetype of the table consisting of a solid and imposing base. Indeed, in this case, the base becomes a light-weight component, while the wooden table top takes up more visual space. Thus, the end result is a table with a strong yet gentle personality, which remains rooted to traditions while at the same time pleasing a more modern taste.

Base finish:

Mat painted white

Mat painted black

Mat painted anthracite grey

Mat painted red

Mat painted dove grey

Mat painted saffron yellow

Mat painted green

Mat painted blue

Mat painted bordeaux

Mat painted coffee brown

Mat painted racing green



Top finish:

Solid wood american walnut

Solid wood natural polished oak

Solid wood anthracite grey polished oak

Glass acid-treated black

Glass extra-light acid treated white

Glossy or mat marble caleatta

Glossy or mat marble carrara

Glossy or mat marble marquinia

Glossy or mat marble emperador

Calacatta Ceramics
Paonazzetto ceramics


140 x h 75 cm

160 x h 75 cm

180 x h 75 cm

Price starting at € 2.496,00