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Stone Domitalia

Stone Domitalia

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design: Arter & Citton.

Seen and pleased: it is the sensation that Stone produced immediately. It is a fixed table with a rounded layered laminated and polyethylene base, exclusively in white colour, its elegancy is simple and refined. It makes part of the outdoor Domitalia collection but, with its own bon-ton, furnishes also indoor; it surprises and identifies placed close to coloured or monochromatic chairs. There are six or more the comfortable sitting places, the proposed versioni is round or rectacgular.

This is design, this is Stone.

Structure finishing:
Polyethylene  white
Top finishing:
Layered white
200 x 104 x h 75 cm
220 x 104 x h 75 cm
240 x 104 x h 75 cm
Diameter 160 x h 75 cm

Price starting at € 1.097,00 € 1.339,00