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Pandora Talenti table

Pandora Talenti table

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Design: Technical Department Talenti

The aluminun structure is covered in wicker plate fibre, the plane is in tempered glass, the small legs in aluminun; the rectangular size is in fixed or extensible version and it is demountable: we are talking about the outdoor table Pandora. The beautiful texture, the detail attention, the practical maintenance, the resistance against the weather changes are the qualities that in Pandora are remarkable and appreciated. Pandora is a style, is the way of distinguishing in very definitive form in the contemporary time.

Optional: PVC tarpaulin for cover

Structure finishing:

Wicker  V Dark

Wicker V White Washed

Top finishing:

Tempered glass in color


180 x 90 x h 75 cm

200/270 x 100 x h 75 cm

Price starting at € 1.109,00 € 1.585,00