Chic L 36 x P 42 x H 43 cm

Opening Chic coffee table 120 x 74 x h 40 cm

Opening Chic coffee table  74 x 59 x h 40 cm

Chic Talenti - Coffee table

Martinel Interior Furniture

Chic Talenti

Chic Talenti

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Design: Technical Department Talenti

Original and eye-catching lines characterize every single product, suitable for a customer who likes luxury and elegance of design.
The Icon aluminium collectin includes exclusive items in aluminuim frame, such as sofas, armchair, sunbed and chaise-lounges, which have a high resistance to the wear and tear of time. They are perfect to create unforgettable moments of relaxation and wellness.

Openable coffee table with aluminium.

Structure finishing:

White lacquered aluminium

Dove grey lacquered aluminium

Top finishing:

Tempered glass in the same color as the structure


36 x 42 x h 43 cm Side table

120 x 74 x h 40 cm Opening coffee table

74 x 59 x h 40 cm Opening coffee table


Price starting at € 169,00 € 242,00

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