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Astor Talenti

Astor Talenti

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Style and elegance for this indoor and outdoor Talenti's line. The simplicity match comfort and luxury. Be inspired and fascinated with these timeless lines. Steel and eco leather to elegantly furnish any room.

Armchair and sofa have a cozy cushions that invites you to sit. Perfect to sip a cool drink or exchanged small talk.

For additional protection, we recommend the use of our PVC covers in the winter season or in the evening in case of frequent rainy periods.

Structure finishing:

Dove grey painted Aluminium

Grey painted Aluminium

Seat finishing:

White eco leather

Coffee table top finishing:

Tempered silk-screen printed glass, matt


90 x 150 x h 70 cm dx & sx sofa

90 x 90 x h 70 cm corner & end sofa

90 x 100 x h 70 cm armchair

90 x 100 x h 42 cm Pouf

60 x 110 x h 30 cm Coffee table

Price starting at € 322,00 € 460,00