4 legs

Swivel 4 chromed feet & padded seat-schienale

Swivel 4 chromed feet

Sled structure

Chromed sled structure & padded seat-back

4 chromed legs & padded seat-back

Chromed convex base with gas

Chromed convex base with gas & padded seat-back

Kicca Kastel - Stool

Martinel Interior Furniture

Kicca Kastel

Kicca Kastel

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Registered model.

Kicca has all the qualities to be appreciated by anyone.  With her bright colors and her modern design, Kicca is the typical stool for a young and dynamic life-style. The frame is fixed or swivel.

On request: rated for fire class 1 / M

- polypropylene shell available in 8 colours

- polypropylene shell with padded seat and backrest.

Structure finishing:

White varnished

Aluminum varnished 


Shell finishing:

Cream (white) polypropylene

Dove polypropylene

Green polypropylene

Orange polypropylene

Red polypropylene

Blue polypropylene

Grey polypropylene

Black polypropylene

Seat-back finishing:

Eco leather



54 x 55 x h 101 cm

54 x 53 x h 102 cm  (swivel)

47 x 55 x h 84/109 cm  (swivel with gas)

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Price starting at € 123,00 € 165,00

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