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Kat Kastel

Kat Kastel

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A fine company of stools? Here is Kat: functional, comfortable, modern, available for any situation. Kat is the stool with a modern and eternal line with high quality materials and manufacturing,  guaranteed by Kastel.

- padded seat in many colours

- tall version with footrest

- all versions are swivel

Structure finishing:

White varnished 


Seat finishing:


Eco leather



47 x h 55 cm  (low 4 feet)

47 x h 48/60 cm (low with chromed base)

47 x h 60/85 cm  (tall with chromed base)

66 x h 54/66 cm  (low swivel)

66 x h 65/91 cm  (tall swivel)

43 x h 80 cm  (with chromed frame)

48 x h 63/85 cm (tall swivel with gaslift)


Download PDF (518 kB)
Price starting at € 146,00 € 195,00
The bicolor is possible within the same category of fabric. Specify in the notes field the two color codes to be used. The first code for the seat and the backrest, the second code to the sides and front.

Low Ssivel 4 chromed feet

Low swivel 4 white varnished   feet

Tall swivel with chromed frame

Low swivel with chromed base and gaslift

Low swivel

Tall swivel

Tall swivel with gaslift

Tall swivel with chromed base and gaslift

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