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Bricola Venezia Stool

Bricola Venezia Stool

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In this stool the original shape of the briccola, the wooden Venetian mooring post, has been preserved and this represents the basic element of the “Briccole di Venezia” Collection. The trunk is sectioned and smoothed at the two ends, whereas the vertical surface has been kept on purpose just as the sea had shaped it. The height of the briccola stool is 44 cm. The diameter varies according to the dimensions of the available mooring posts. Finally, each product is “brand-marked” with the words “bricola venezia” as it would be written in Venetian dialect.

“These trunks have done their duty in Venice; now they are what our children will put their plates and cups on, where they will sit down or keep their most precious objects.”

Structure finish:



Ø 30/35 x h 44 cm

Price starting at € 965,00 € 1.323,00