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Linda Bontempi

Linda Bontempi

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Design: Daniele Molteni

Classic design with a modern twist for Linda. Bontempi presents this model, suitable for all needs, in

versions with and without armrests and high back or low. The slim and stylish design of the chair is

enhanced by the quality of its lining, makes it suitable for modern decor and it's really personal and


Seat and back finishing:

Hide with matching stitching:

White hide

Sand hide

Anthracite hide

Hide with contrast or matching stitching:

Ivory hide

Red hide

Russian hide

Wine red hide

Dark brown hide

Black hide

Leather fiber with matching stitching:

White leather fiber

Sand leather fiber

Black leather fiber

Anthracite leather fiber

Leather fiber with contrast stitching:

Ivory leather fiber

Dark brown leather fiber

Red leather fiber


46 x 56 x h 84/48 cm Linda low back

46 x 56 x h 91/48 cm Linda high back

55 x 56 x 84/48 cm Linda low back with armrest

55 x 56x 91/48 cm Linda high back with armrest

Price starting at € 301,00 € 334,00