Isabel H

Isabel with armrests

Isabel H with armrests

Isabel ml

Isabel H ml

Isabel ml with armrests

Isabel ml H with armrests

Isabel Cattelan Italia - Chair

Martinel Interior Furniture

Isabel Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Isabel Cattelan Italia

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Design: Paolo Cattelan (2014)

This light design fits all type of furnishings. It is a very elegant chair with a light cushion that covers like a veil the seat giving a sense of wellness. It is available with an hight or low back while the steel structure can be completely coated at choice. 

Structure finishing:

Steel chrome

Mat white steel

Mat graphite steel

Completely covered

Coating finishing:


Synthetic leather


Soft leather

Crocodile soft leather


48 x 59 x h 87/49 cm Isabel and Isabel ml

55 x 59 x h 87/49 cm Isabel and Isabel ml with armrests

48 x 62 x h 99/49 cm Isabel H and Isabel ml H

55 x 62 x h 100/49 cm Isabel H with armrests and Isabel ml H with armrests


Price starting at € 479,00 € 533,00

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