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Guapa Midj

Guapa Midj

Design: Franco Poli & Beatriz Sempere

Describe Guapa collection is like describing a beautiful woman. A line of valued chairs for shapes and production, ideal to furnish with taste several lounge areas, restaurants and relax corners inside hotels and resorts, careful to style and innovation. The leather is the natural element which allows to combine comfort with strength, creating a light shadow effect that extends its charm to the surroundings.

Guapa S: Chair with sled base 

Guapa S4: Chair with four leg structure

Guapa P: Armchair with sled base and armrest

Guapa P4: Armchair with four leg structure and armrest


Structure finishing:

White steel


Black Nichel

Seat finishing:

Hide TK


50 x 52  x h 78 – 46 cm Guapa S/ Guapa S4

67 x 55 x h 82 – 46 cm Guapa P/ Guapa P4

Price starting at € 432,00 € 480,00

Guapa S

Guapa S4

Guapa P

Guapa P4

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