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Alice Bontempi

Alice Bontempi

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Design: R&D Bontempi

Simple, modern and elegant, both in the version with high or low back. Its structure is entirely clad in

stainless steel with soft leather in a choice of different shades of colors. Alice is a very comfortable

and refined chair and gives special beauty to modern living rooms. Bontempi, with this piece of

furniture in its simple form gives us an object of high quality.

Structure finishing:


Seat and back finishing:

Ivory (black stitching)
Dark brown (ecru stitching)
Red (black stitching)
Bulgarian (ecru stitching)
Bordeaux (ecru stitching)
White (ecru stitching)
White (matching stitches)
Ivory (matching stitches)
Sand (matching stitches)
Mud (matching stitches)
Dark brown (matching stitches)
Chocolate (matching stitches)
Red (matching stitches)
Bulgarian (matching stitches)
Bordeaux (matching stitches)
Granata (matching stitches)
Light gray (matching stitches)
Powder blue (matching stitches)
Anthracite (matching stitches)
Black (matching stitches)


44 x 50 x h 81/46 cm low back

44 x 52 x h 93/46 cm high back

Price starting at € 332,00 € 369,00

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