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Loft Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Loft Cattelan Italia

Design: Philip Jackson

Bookcase white lacquered MDF or Canaletto walnut.

It can be positioned against a wall or to act as an intriguing divider inside a room-

Thanks to the different heights of its vertical shelves, to the alternation of empty and full spaces, and to the variety of inserted materials, it is possible to obtain an ever changing bookcase.

Structure finishing:

White lacquered MDF

Walnut Canaletto


135 x 34 x h 170 cm

200 x 34 x h 170 cm

Price starting at € 1.609,00 € 1.788,00

135 x 34 x h 170 cm

200 x 34 x h 170 cm

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