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Enea Bontempi

Enea Bontempi

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Design: Erresse Studio

Enea is sideboard, Enea is bedside, Enea is chest, Enea is chest drawer. A beautiful collection of complements with a modern and elegant design. The structure is in lacquered wood and, thanks to the neutral shades, Enea is easy to combine with the other elements of furnishing.

Structure finishing:

White mat lacquered wood

Ivory mat lacquered wood

Sand mat lacquered wood

Coffee mat lacquered wood

Dark brown mat lacquered wood

Drawers and top finishing:

White  lacquered glass

Ivory  lacquered glass

Sand  lacquered glass

Coffee  lacquered glass

Dark brown lacquered glass


50 x 45 x h 35 cm Enea bedtable

60 x 45 x h 35 cm Enea bedtable

60 x 45 x h 45 cm Enea bedtable

120 x 53 x h 72 cm Enea chest

140 x 53 x h 72 cm Enea chest

160 x 53 x h 50 cm Enea chest

60 x 45 x h 128 cm Enea tallboy 

Price starting at € 553,00 € 614,00