Eureka L 178 x P 233 x H 114 cm (mattress size 154x205)

Eureka L 184 x P 228 x H 114 cm (mattress size 160x200)

Eureka L 204 x P 228 x H 114 cm (mattress size 180x200)

Eureka L 218 x P 233 x H 114 cm (mattress size 194x205)

Eureka Bonaldo - Beds

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Eureka Bonaldo

Eureka Bonaldo

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Design: Giuseppe Viganò (2013)

Eureka is a soft and inviting bed, available in both the single and double versions. The distinguishing traits of this bed are the soft squared headboard and its decorative stitching.

Pure and essential silhouettes are the soul of the Eureka bed. The quilting defines the volumes of the headboard, enhancing its softness and adding a touch of colour which draws attention to itself.

Eureka has a wooden frame and polyurethane foam padding. The feet are made of white painted metal, anthracite grey, dove-grey or matt amaranth. The cover, which is available in fabric or leather, stands out due to its visible decorative stitching, available in six different colours (white, beige, pale grey, dark grey, red and blue).

N.B. the price is exclusive of the bed frame and mattress.




Finishings embroidery:



Light gray

Dark gray



N.B. Specify it in the last item NOTE of the order.

Finishings feet:

Mat anthracite gray painted metal

Mat dove grey painted metal

Mat white painted metal

Mat amaranth painted metal


178 x 233 x h 114 cm (mattress size 154x205)

184 x 228 x h 114 cm (mattress size 160x200)

204 x 228 x h 114 cm (mattress size 180x200)

218 x 233 x h 114 cm (mattress size 194x205)

Price starting at € 1.701,00

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