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Hug Infiniti

Hug Infiniti

Design: Marcello Ziliani

Hug is astonishing, modern design and with young elegancy and great class furnishes each room. It is a Made in Italy high quality piece of furniture.

Chair with beech or ash plywood structure, with front panel upholstered in leather, eco-leather or fabric.

Three types of frame:

- 4-spoke swivel base in clean polished aluminium.

- 4-spoke swivel base in wood.

- sledge frame with rectangular cross-section A structure with a wider seat is available for all frames.

A 2-seater sofa structure is only available for the slide frame.

Structure finishing:


Clean polished aluminium

Shell finishing:

Multilayer natural ash

Multilayer whitened ash

Multilayer wengé ash

Multilayer grey painted ash

Sitting finishing:


Ecological leather



74 x 62 x H 75 cm Hug Maxi Swivel Aluminium Base

74 x 58 x H 70 cm Hug Maxi Swivel Wooden Base

87 x 65 x H 70 cm Hug Maxi Sledge

133 x  66 x H 71 cm Hug Sofa



Price starting at € 567,00 € 810,00

Hug Maxi Swivel aluminium base -  in clean polished aluminium

Hug Maxi Swivel wooden base

Hug Maxi Sledge - chrome

Hug Sofa - chrome

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