48 x h 80 cm New Perspective small

48 x h 80 cm New Perspective small with shelf

106 x h 178 cm New Perspective large

New Perspective Mirror Bonaldo - Mirrors

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New Perspective Mirror Bonaldo

New Perspective Mirror Bonaldo

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Design: Alain Gilles

The idea of designer was to bring the mirror to life, turning it from a cold and empty surface into a dynamic object with a rich personality. As the name suggests, the New Perspective Mirror plays with depth and perspective, giving the illusion of a room beyond the mirror. The distinguishing feature of this mirror lies in the hand-drawing of lines made directly on its surface, which gives it a multiple personality: it is not just an object whose sole function is to that of a mirror but rather a decorative furnishing element.

Decor finish:

Combination 1:

Red, Green, Blue

Combination 2:


Combination 3:


Shelf finish:

Solid wood anthracite grey polished oak


48 x h 80 cm

48 x h 80 cm (93 x 18.5 cm)

106 x h 178 cm

Price starting at € 243,00

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