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Zoom Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Zoom Cattelan Italia

Design: Studio Kronos

Cattelan, proposes in its collection, ZOOM, a family of ceiling and wall lamps. Many compositions, many lampshades, different sizes. A choice of quality for modern and young furnitures, ZOOM lamp is appreciated in private and working environments; its high quality materials and its careful manufacturing have Cattelan prestigious guarantee.

Structure finishing:

Painted bronze brushed steel

Painted black chrome steel


Ø 11.5 x h 20 cm max 150 cm

Ø 11.5 x h 30 cm max 150 cm

Ø 11.5 x h 40 cm max 150 cm

Price starting at € 389,00 € 432,00

Zoom - Ceiling lamp

Zoom applique 11,5 x 15 x h 30 Cm

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