02 December 2022

Decorating with plants. The secret of a pleasant home.

Why should you furnish with plants? Interesting question, first let's look at where this tradition was born.

The practice of indoor gardening with potted plants dates from the time of the Greeks and Romans. Although ancient civilisations made use of potted plants, it was not until the 18th century that the idea of planting in the home came into widespread use. Egyptian, Indian and Chinese civilisations developed this technique, but mainly in outdoor spaces and courtyards; just think of Japanese culture, which cultivated trees for ornamental purposes for centuries. Indoor plants did not become popular until the mid to late 19th century and were used to light houses during the long winters.

In Paris in the 19th century, the Bohemian style emerged, characteristic of the artists of the time, which had plant decoration as one of its strong points. Over time, the bohemian style evolved into the so-called boho chic, a style that mixes ethnic elements with references to the Wild West or the hippie trend. However, even in this variant, plants still play a fundamental role and are used as a real decorative element in the home.

When talking about interior design, one cannot avoid speaking of Feng Shui, and yes... it has been thought of as well. Feng Shui identifies three main ways of using plants: to counteract negative energy; to get in touch with nature; and to counteract enclosed spaces and make them more spacious.

Plants are a noiseless but constant presence that helps us to live and work better, as their presence is also reflected in our emotions.

Surrounding yourself with greenery in your home means feeling a greater sense of joy, making your home a haven of well-being. Plants are living beings full of positive energy that can help bring balance, they have the power to benefit our mood: they purify the air, reduce stress and balance the mind by bringing peace of mind. Decorating the house with plants thus becomes not only a way to make the environment more beautiful, more welcoming and colourful, but also a self-care activity that allows you to take some time out.

Placing plants in a living room between the wall shelves, or in the corners near the sofa, on the floor, or in the dining room could be the right solution. There are those who live in the splendid vertical villa and those who enjoy a corner inside their cosy abode with for example Albero, the unusual but ingenious domestic plant pot. Zanotta's pot is removable, its twigs support a circular saucer and can rotate 120° to adapt to different sizes; the structure is made of steel, the saucers are made of polyamide and the feet are made of polypropylene.