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Maiorca Talenti table

Maiorca Talenti table

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Design: Technical Department Talenti

Maiorca is a rectangular bistrò table with two dimensions  and aluminum structure and alucom plane, only in white colour. It is elegant in its geometry, pleasant in its simple design, versatile due to the requested places and reserved due to its own finality. Maiorca makes part of the Talenti project, born to obtain the goal of creating the complement which identifies and remains, having the right liveliness with the trendy touch, much loved in these times.

Structure finishing:

White aluminum

Dove grey aluminum

Top finishing:

White glass

Dove grey glass

White aluminum


80 x 80 x h 75 cm

70 x 70 x h 110 cm

120 x 80 x h 75 cm

152 x 90 x h 74 cm

200/300 x 104 x h 76 cm

Price starting at € 292,00 € 401,00