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Globe Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Globe Cattelan Italia

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Design: P. Silos & G. Cattelan

A curved layer of tempered glass is supported by a sphere in shiny stainless steel or white textured polyurethane. Both tables Globe are available in solid or contoured shapes.

Due to the pure and modern materials the coffee table is easily and perfectly combined with the rest of the furniture. Its design is simple but with a special effect.

Globe finishing:

Shiny steel


Top finishing:

Transparent curved tempered glass


130 x 70 x h 36 cm

160 x 78 x h 36 cm

160 x 80 x h 36 cm  with shaped top

140 x 120 x h 36 cm  with shaped top

Price starting at € 1.142,00 € 1.344,00