Wally Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Wally Cattelan Italia

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Design: Philip Jackson

In a small deep space you can insert your beloved stories. A bookcase of different sizes and colors that perfectly fits every space.

The different modules can be placed together so to cover wide surfaces or one by one to better appreciate their lightness.

Structure finishing:

Lacquered embossed MDF


105 x 26 x h 215 cm (max capacity 60 kg)

65 x 26 x h 215 cm (max capacity 45 kg)

125 x 26 x h 62 cm (max capacity 40 kg)

125 x 26 x h 70 cm (max capacity 20 kg) Suspended

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Wally Cattelan Italia
Price starting at € 938,00 € 1.043,00