Rio Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Rio Cattelan Italia

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Design: Giorgio Cattelan

The small table Rio has a pleasant look: 3 heights placed contrarily to the sizes of the top which is conceived in MDF veneered in a long section of walnut wood. Tops are of different sizes, each one is different in shape and surface. This is how Cattelan Italia offers an exclusive and unrepeatable complement.

Each piece is unique and different in shape and size.

Structure finishing:

White embossed aluminium 

Graphite embossed aluminium 

Top finishing:

MDF veneered in long section of walnut wood


50 x 60 x h 35 cm

50 x 60 x h 42 cm

50 x 60 x h 50 cm

60 x 70 x h 50 cm

Price starting at € 658,00 € 731,00