Tom Bontempi

Tom Bontempi

Tom Bontempi

Design: R&D Bontempi

Tom table: modern, functional, practical, simple in the design that in the extension. Yes, Tom is the table extensible signed by Bontempi that extends itself thanks to three modules that allow it to reach three meters in length. Excellent materials and workmanship, warranty and high quality is guaranteed by the leader brand in the industry: Bontempi Made in Italy.

Structure finishing:

Lacquered steel

Top and extensions finishes:

Glossy light gray lacquered crystal

Extra bright white crystal
Polished dove gray lacquered glass
Glossy anthracite lacquered glass
Glossy black lacquered glass
Velvet Anti-scratch mat white lacquered glass
Velvet Anti-scratch mat dove grey lacquered glass
Velvet Anti-scratch mat anthracite lacquered glass
Velvet anti-scratch mat black glass
Velvet Anti-scratch light gray lacquered glass
White superceramic
Sand ceramic 
Anthracite ceramic
SuperMarble Glossy Noir Desir
Supermarmo Bianco Statuario opaco
Supermarmo Grigio Serena matt
120 /163 / 206 / 249 x 80 x h 75 cm

110 / 143 / 176 / 209 x 70 x h 75 cm

140 / 193 / 246 / 299 x 90 x h 75 cm

160 / 213 / 266 / 319 x 90 x h 75 cm


Price starting at € 977,00 € 1.086,00