Dyno Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Dyno Cattelan Italia

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Design: Paolo Cattelan

As in the whole line of Cattelan Italia, also these elements show the quality and refinement of  a great intent to propose lines and details everlasting, precious and timeless in their style. The lovely semplicity of this night group of furniture, composed by a night table and a chest of drawers, enriched with a writing-top in wood, represent the result of the perfect work performed by Paolo Cattelan. This intentional semplicity adds a sense of relax to the room of destination.

Structure finishing:

Walnut Canaletto

Bumed oak

Mat white

Feet finishing:


Frontal drawer covered:



52 x 48 x h 37 cm Bedtable 2 drawers

125 x 52 x h 70 cm chest of drawers 4 drawers

150 x 52 x h 70 cm chest of drawers 8 drawers 

52 x 48 x h 118 cm Tallboy chest drawer 7 drawers 


Price starting at € 964,00 € 1.071,00