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Ramos Bontempi

Ramos Bontempi

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Design: Silvia & maurizio Varsi

A visual effect of high-impact, an essential style and a minimalist design, make Ramos, a table just

perfect for dinners with family and friends, and also a furniture for office and meeting rooms.

Ramos is a stylish novelty 2013 by Bontempi Casa. Its base, strict and yet contemporary is by

lacquered or brushed  steel, or by refined nickel, its top is made of wood or crystal, their combination

creates a unique contrasting and fortifying effect, so personal and exclusive. Ramos is a fixed or

extensible table.

Structure finishing:

Lacquered steel

Brushed steel

Black nichel

Silver natural
Deep black
Antique brass

Top finishing:

Transparent  glass

Lacquered glass

Velvet anti-scratch glass 

Veneered wood
Solid wood 
Natural marble


200 x 106 x h 75 cm Ramos fixed

250 x 106 x h 75 cm Ramos fixed

200/250/300 x 106 x h 75 cm Ramos extensible

Price starting at € 2.188,00 € 2.431,00