Gilda B. Edra

Gilda B. Edra

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Design: Jacopo Foggini

Gilda B. a chair, a gorgeous chair. A polycarbonate extrusion with a crystal-clear transparency veiled by a warm, amber shade, in a single block. Alas! The working is entirely handmade, therefore no two chairs are the same, the height of the backrest, the colour distribution and the shades, or even its shape and size: no problem… to each their own!
Gilda B., the chair dedicated to a special lady. Signed by Edra.

Polycarbonate shaped by hand, each piece differs from the others for shape, dimension, colour and distribution of the material. Removable legs

Legs finishing:

Semi-gloss black painted beech wood
Shell finishing:
Semi-transparent polycarbonate


±48 x ±58 x h ±85 cm


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