Westin Consolle Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia

Westin Consolle Cattelan Italia

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Crystal or wood, this is the propose for Westin, console between the collection signed by Cattelan. Westin is a beautiful complement, precious and refined. The Westin console is the furniture perfect for the entrance but not only, they love the glass distance and, why not, a beautiful carpet for enhance the assigned environment. Westin need to be fix in the wall. Westin signed by Cattelan.

Structure finishing:

Titanium embossed steel

Steel embossed white

Graphite embossed steel

Brushed Bronze

White embossed steel / Graphite embossed steel

Top finishing:

Trasparent  glass

Extraclear trasparent  glass

Canaletto Walnut
Oak burned
Natural oak
160 x 50 x h 74 cm

180 x 50 x h 74 cm

200 x 50 x h 74 cm

250 x 50 x h 74 cm

160 x 45 x h 76 cm

200 x 45 x h 76 cm

250 x 45 x h 76 cm


Price starting at € 1.583,00 € 1.759,00