Pack Edra

Pack Edra

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Design: Francesco Binfaré

What can we say about the 'Pack' sofa! One can admire it, caress it, love it: the sofa 'Pack' is incredible. The sofa 'Pack' is a reality out of any trend and fashion, 'Pack' is a synergy of inventiveness, of specialisation, of high technology and an even higher quality of materials: its brand is Edra. The base is coated with an 'exclusive fabric featuring a texture similar to layers of ice' and the backrest is a very soft bear, mobile and coated in an ecological fur. The sofa 'Pack' is proposed in two colours: entirelly white, informal and unencumbered, or entirelly black, intimate and myterious: the choice is ours!

Cover finishing:

Faux fur


370 x 245 x h 42/105 cm Sofa

230 x 80 x h 63 cm Backrest


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